Read about the purposes of the HFS and their fulfillment

I.The objective of the Hellenic Forestry Society is the promotion of the Science of Forestry in Greece. Specifically, the association is aiming at: 

1)The research, spreading and implementation of the knowledge concerning the preservation, protection, administration, expansion and development of the forests and the forestal resources and generally the the mountainous areas. 
2)The greater recognition of the social role of the forest and its importance in the protection of the environment. 
3)The cooperation with correlative scientific organisations within the country or abroad, and the scientific support for its members. 

II..The fulfilment of the association's objectives is pursued through: 

1)The study of the forestal problems in Greece. 
2)The organisation of lectures, meetings as well as national and international conferences. 
3)The publication of a scientific magazine and other publications. 
4)The submission of scientific proposals to the qualified parties. 
5)The creation and promotion of model forest works. 
6)Any legal means, which will be approved by the General Assembly of the members of the association.