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Read about the Hellenic Forestry Society from its foundation until today

The Hellenic Forestry Society (H.F.S) was founded in March 1980, at a time when the Hellenic Branch of Forestry felt the need to create its own means, through which they would be able to express and discuss the problems related to the issues and spreading of the Science of Forestry in Greece.

The H.F.S is the scientific tool of the foresters and generally all the scientists who work in the forest and the forest ecosystems, and deal with the study of the problems of the Science of Forestry. The Article of the H.F.S is signed during the founding assembly by 65 foresters, all of which are members of: the Forestry Branch of the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, the Forestry Research Foundations, and the forest act.

Nowadays, the G.F.A numbers 500 members throughout Greece, allof which are foresters, biologists or enviromentalists, who deal with issues related to the Science of Forestry. All the H.F.S members belong to, the community of the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, are researchers of the National Agricultural Research Foundation , foresters of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Regional Forest Management of Greece, as well as scientists in the private section.